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Ji-Hye Park and I attended a conference called Future Content by the guys from It’s nice that.

The organisers interviewed us for a book about the conference and we received a copy of it today. Within it we explore what we thought were the key themes from the conference:

  •  the use of existing infrastructure to create a campaign or solution
  • the idea of ‘play’ and how it should be a mindset and not a forced thing
  • the idea of outsourcing creativity to hobbyists or ‘amateurs’

And we finished talking about how we’re interested in the physicality of things. This was a nice intro to the Smarcos project. We also talked about our work with Greenpeace.

You can see a scan of the interview below:

It's nice that, page 1

Page 1


It's nice that, page 2

Page 2

You can purchase the book here.

Fjord Family

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