It’s the interface stupid!

Sara Munday

Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for a while now, and despite great advances in technology, it is usually a disappointing experience for the user.

So far it looks like there is yet to be any kind of true utility or value added by AR, and its implementation is largely confined to a few simple games and labelled as a gimmick.

Yet everyone, young and old, technical or not, somehow instinctively feels that this technology is part of the future, and will eventually shape how we interact with the world around us. So why the gap between AR vision and reality? And what solutions can we find to understand and adapt this underachieving technology?

The Fjord AR Report

Fjord has released a report in collaboration with 13th Lab on AR called “It’s the interface, Stupid!” It looks at responses to AR and how we can formulate a new way of managing and navigating the crucial layer between virtual and real worlds. You can read it here.

Fjord and 13th Lab

Fjord and 13th Lab were demoing a new technology at Mobile World Congress 2012. The technology extends standard browsers to let an ordinary web page see and react to reality. It lets developers extend their existing web user interface to physical surfaces, rendering HTML and JavaScript on top of physical things. The web is finally connected to the real world! Download the PointCloud browser from the AppStore or visit 13th Lab for more information.

Sara Munday

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