Living Services – the third era of digital

Mark Curtis

Diginomica: This is the first of a two-part series in which Fjord’s Chief Client Officer Mark Curtis discusses the emergence of Living Services, the next era of digital evolution.

Just getting used to digital? Well, don’t get too complacent, as it’s time to move on to the next step and that’s the era of Living Services.

That’s the bold prediction of Mark Curtis, Chief Client Officer at Accenture-owned digital design agency Fjord.

Curtis predicates that a third age of digital is imminent:

“The first era of digital was the web and the internet. We’re still in the middle of the mobility revolution. There’s still heaps to learn there. But unfortunately – or excitingly – the third era is coming at us very fast. These eras do build on top of one another. The mobile revolution would not have happened without the internet and Living Services will not happen without the internet and without mobile.”

Living Services are, he says, the result of two things coming together at the same time:

“One of those is the digitalization of everything. What we mean by that is the way in which digital is being implanted in real analog and physical things. The best and simplest example of that is Hilton and Starwood Hotels where they are digitalizing hotel doors.

Hotel doors are pretty stupid things. I can’t think of anything much dumber than a door – they open and close and that’s about it. Now we have important hotel chains investing in digitizing their doors so that you can open them with your smart phone. Presumably it will also reveal other streams of interesting data which is another important aspect of digitization.

So a door moves from being a very dumb thing, to being a slightly less stupid object. What’s interesting is that thousands of travellers will be experiencing slightly less dumb doors. If a door can be made cleverer, what else can be? My coffee machine or my car? It gets people to the zeitgeist that things that were previously not digital are becoming a little bit digital.”

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Mark Curtis

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