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Fjord London gathered yesterday for our weekly design inspiration meeting. This week’s meeting gave us an opportunity to reflect on what is the magic that makes Fjord’s approach so unique.

Our session involved us talking about some guiding principles for how we do what we do as well as what we do at certain stages in a project. As ever with our design meetings, we got hands on and quickly started workshopping around the topic. Initially, we all collectively did an exercise to capture some thoughts about what types of questions we try to answer with our work. We clustered these around ‘Users’, ‘Technology’, ‘Business’, ‘The Industry’ and ‘The Economy’.

IMG_0471This picture is a snapshot of the result. What’s really great is how important the user is to us on our process, but also that we really care about all the other topic areas too.

The following task was then to think about a specific brief and split into teams to talk about what we would do at specific stages of a project to address it. The goal was to specify what questions we would have needed to answer before going into a particular phase, what questions we would answer during that phase and what the team make up would be from the Ford and client sides.


The content that was produced as the combined outcome of these two exercises is incredibly powerful material that we will now integrate into how we describe what we do here at Fjord. In its rawest form, this content includes over 600 different questions or topic areas that we believe we address through our work.

We believe that it is our ability to rapidly tackle the complexity uncovered by all those questions that makes us unique. We’re interested in all aspects of the value proposition of what we’re designing. Yes, we take a human-centered approach and we care deeply that what we design makes a difference for people, but that includes not only the user, but also our clients.


 We’re incurably curious, but we also know when to take action and make our work tangible for our clients and the people who will ultimately use the services we design.

Fjord Family

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