London hosts Digital Health #FjordKitchen Event

Katherine Shenton

The health and wellness space is changing at a rapid pace, as people begin to self-track their movements, diet, sleep and even happiness levels, through wearable devices and their mobile. Self-tracking or quantified self, as it is often referred to, is just one area within the umbrella term of ‘digital health’ that is attracting attention from consumers and organizations.

With such changes happening in this space it seemed a fitting topic for a #FjordKitchen event at our London studio. The evening sought to provide an opportunity for guests to learn more from experts in this field and a deliciously different dinner (which it did thanks to Rare Food).

Fjord’s Chief Client Officer, Mark Curtis, hosted the event, which was attended by 40 people across a number of sectors including, health, charity, media and telco.

Stephen Davies, a self-tracker, quantified selfer, biohacker and editor of was second to the stage and gave a fantastic presentation around personal digital health. Stephen’s presentation explored how genes, data and analysis can open doors, and how biohacking, such as microbiome, may empower us to answer important questions about the human body.  He also opened up a discussion about the opportunities that will arise from healthcare services being laid in the hands of the consumers, to individually monitor and track their own bodies and health – enabled by microchips and smartphone sensors.

Former GP Jamie Wilson, now CEO and founder of Hometouch, gave information about how healthcare needs to move away from cure to prevention. Jamie talked about Hometouch, which is a service designed for the elderly to allow their families and care providers to stay updated and connected, allowing people to stay in their own homes and live independently.

The final stage of the evening, was a panel discussion hosted by Fjord’s Mark Curtis and he was joined by founder and organizer of Quantified Self (QS) group London Adriana Lukas, CEO and founder of OMsignal Stephane Marceau and founder and CEO of Fitbug Paul Landau.

Adriana gave an overview of what is happening in QS space and talked about what she would like to happen in the future. Paul discussed how and why Fitbug was founded and talked about the product capabilities. Stephane gave a live demonstration of how the OMsignal apparel can track the wearers biometrics using embedded sensors and even showed the audience the vital signs of OMsignal staff all across the globe.

Check out the video below to hear more about the event.

Fjord Kitchen Healthcare, London, November 2013 from Fjord

Katherine Shenton

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