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A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of sponsoring MADinSpain, one of the country’s major design events, organized by design community Domestika, that has helped raise the profile of Madrid city as an international creativity hub for eight years now.

In this year’s edition, MADinSpain (or MAD, as the local community likes to call the event) gathered together around 2,000 design and creativity professionals whose interests span from illustration and typography to motion graphics, animation and digital design. This year, Fjord Madrid (or FjordMAD, as we like to call ourselves) decided not only to attend but also to sponsor MADinSpain, as a token of our love for this quality, selected conference that celebrates courage, talent and innovation by showcasing the work and the stories of some of the most brilliant international creative minds.

Stories like that of Sebas&Clim, a pair of motion graphics enthusiasts who’ve fought hard to gain international traction through their fresh, neat and optimistic work. They’re responsible for this year’s cool MAD credits. Just watch and enjoy the experience:

Legendary designer Cruz Novillo, has been in the spotlight for more than 50 years and his designs (each and every one of them) are brimming with wisdom, subtleness and genius, it’s impossible not to be amazed by his life-long achievements. He’s the creator of many of the logos that are embedded in Spanish culture: the national railway and post services; worldwide renowned companies like Repsol to name just a couple.

Urban art group Boamistura, who are making the world a bit less bitter by putting a layer of color and good vibes on deteriorated urban environments all over the world. FjordMAD has its own story with Boamistura, as we actually have one of their creations inside our studio.

“Love what you do” is the motto of Boamistura. Throughout the weekend at MAD we could feel how much designers (on stage and in the audience) do love what they do. There was an impressive line-up of speakers, but Fjordians couldn’t stop discussing the talks of Cassidy Curtis, one of the 3D magicians at DreamWorks, who walked us through the story of characters like the Madagascar lions, Shrek and the amazing “How to Train Your Dragon” Toothless from their inception to their final shape. Fjordians were also blown away by Javier Jaén, the master of illustration living, who splits his time between Barcelona and New York. Javier dissected his creative process in a highly straightforward, enjoyable and fun way – very inspirational indeed!

View more about MADinSpain in this photo gallery.


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