Mark speaks at BBVA’s Mobility Week


Mark Curtis recently paid a visit to the Madrid studio to take part in “Mobility Week”, a three day event focusing on current trends and strategies within the technology industry, with a special focus on mobility. Spokespeople from Blackberry and Milward Brown also took part in this series of events. Mobility Week is organized by our long-standing client BBVA and takes place at their Innovation Centre, which is right in the heart of Madrid.

Mark presented insights from Fjord’s 2013 trends and in doing so, shared some great insights neatly summed up as quotes below:

On… digital success
“It’s now very easy to set up a business using all the new technology. The difficult bits are now very much about how you best serve the user, how do you design for them and do so in a way that makes money.”

On… personal data management
“The difficult question is the line between the data and I’m prepared to share and what I’m not, but as long as I’m given benefit, then my tolerance level would go up.”

On… gamification
“I think we have a lot to learn from games, but it’s not a universal panacea, it cannot be applied to everything. It’s overhyped.”

On… entrepreneurship
“Coming up with an idea, that’s not so hard; coming up with unique ideas, that’s a little bit harder. Even doing the technology isn’t as hard as it used to be. The single most difficult thing in digital now, specially on mobile, is getting the go to market strategy right.”

On… emerging economies
“Lots of emerging counties are mobile first. They’ve skipped the whole desktop web experience. This is fascinating, not least because they are highly likely to evolve quite rapidly to new economic models that involve working on the mobile. There’s a lot we can learn from this in Europe.”


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