Berglind Hauksdottir

Measuring social impact with Save the Children

Together with Save the Children – and young people from socio-economically challenged areas – we took on the challenge to co-create a survey tool that young people really want to use.

The resulting tool enables Save the Children to track and measure the impact of the activities they do to support these young people, while also empowering them to engage in their own future.

From concept to development, young people from the Save the Children program “On Equal Terms” continuously took part in shaping the app to meet their needs. The app had to inspire trust – because of the sensitive nature of some questions, but also playfulness – to make them want to use it.

Thanks to this collaboration, gone are the boring days of surveys. By co-creating closely with the target-group we designed an app that engages young people to share their experiences and life situations.

As a result, Save the Children and their partners can be sure that their efforts are having the desired impact and are continuing to work long-term with social change.

Measuring social impact with Save the Children from Fjord on Vimeo.

Berglind Hauksdottir

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