Near, Now, Next: Notes from the Brand Perfect SF Tour

Aynne Valencia

On a sunny Tuesday in San Francisco, brand managers, agency account managers, marketers, designers, and developers gathered to hear experts from Google, Sony and many more for the Brand Perfect Tour.  The theme of this stop of the tour was “Adventures in Mobile.” From learning about HTML5 to a showcase of Google’s location-based services, to a design workshop, participants had an opportunity to gain information and get inspiration from the impact that mobile is having on brands.

I had the opportunity to give a talk on how smart brands are extending into new and exciting territory enabled by advances in mobile technology.  I spoke a bit about some of the newer behavioral, technology, and interaction trends we have observed at Fjord and most importantly, discussed ways people have used the tools afforded by what I call the “new mobile.”  New mobile in my book refers to the mash-up of location-based services, touch or gesture input, very specialized information and in-application commerce, and highly calibrated interaction to create more than “just mobile” experiences.

I also discussed the emergence of newer interactions that we’ve seen such as:  voice input, “nested” services (services powered by information gleaned from other services), connected objects, augmented reality and interactive TV.

The big takeaway is that with all these new ways for people to interact with brands, it is more important than ever before for companies to realize that their product or service IS the brand. Consumers are expecting authenticity and usefulness. In a world where there are over 500,000 apps in the iPhone app store, it is crucial to deliver on useful and delightful experiences that engage people in meaningful interaction.

With such a large palette of technology, tools, and behaviors to play with, we can design these meaningful experiences and create services that buzz on their own – because they are good.

Aynne Valencia

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