Netflix, Apple and Google top list of UK’s most loved brands

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By Simon Gwynn

A study of the most loved brands in the UK, US and Brazil has found that digital media, mobile and online shopping brands dominate our affections.

The top ten for the UK – Netflix, Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Sky and eBay – all operate in one or more of these categories.

The Love Index study, conducted by design consultancy Fjord and Accenture Interactive, used a mix of qualitative and quantitative data to score brands on five characteristics – fun, relevant, engaging, social and helpful – with the criteria combined to produce an overall score for brand love.

Netflix, which gained three million paying subscribers globally in the last quarter, topped the list in all three countries.

The Love Index follows studies in the last month on the measures of coolness and brand value, with many of the same faces appearing near the top of all three rankings.

The CoolBrands survey, published in September, ranked Apple at number one, with Netflix coming in at three.

The Interbrand top 100, meanwhile, placed Apple and Google in the top two positions, with Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon also making the top 10. Netflix, however, failed to make the top 100.


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Fjord Family

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