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Fjord London kicked off its inaugural design meeting in style last night with the traditional inspiration “show and tell.” As ever, the material discussed was as varied as it was engaging.

As it’s the start of the year, a couple of people talked about philosophical themes.

Noemi wondered does meditating make us more effective after reading about the power of concentration:

And Pearl reminded us that gaming is really good for us, having just read Jane McGonigal’s “Reality is Broken.”

Scott reminded us all that we should treat our work life as art thanks to having read Seth Godin’s new book, “The Icarus Deception.”

Kostja went even further than this though, by wondering if this life is all just an illusion…

We were then entertained by some recollections of real life experiences.

Rebecca took trip down the pier at Southwold and visited Tim Hunkin’s somewhat unusual arcade machines:

Martin visited the Pixar 25 years of animation exhibition…

and was particularly taken by the prototyping aspect of their animation process:

And Rob went to the theatre – twice, but shared with us the wonderful “The Animals and Children Took to the Streets:”

Some fascinating videos also featured in the round up.

Dom, on the prevailing theme of data visualisation, shared the beautiful:

Andrew pricked our consciences with a really impressive innovation to bring electric light to the poorest areas of Brazil and reminded us that technology is not only just about shiny things:

John F just wanted to show us a really cool robot…

as he was inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of this design for a spherical robot that can roll and walk.

Back on the subject of gaming, Sam finally got an Xbox and wanted to justify his new addiction by using it learn something, in particular about catering for different levels of gamers, something which isn’t usually apparent in digital services. Here’s an article about using UI walkthroughs to teach users about in-app features:

Steve relived his misspent youth in the world of the micro scalextric.

And Anita wanted to sing the praises of the thinnest watch in the world, currently seeking fundraising through Kickstarter.

Central Standard Timing:

Chance to back them on Kickstarter:

And finally, the weird and quite disturbing from Malin….

Is this cat happy, or dead?

Fjord Family

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