New Fjordians in Madrid


Last year Fjord Madrid added a Vegan Werewolf and a UX Overlord to their team. And 2014 is no different, as we welcome two new Fjordians to the team, one that saw the light on top of a shark tank, and one that speaks fluent Dutch, passable Glaswegian and broken Sushi. Common for them both is their wish to create amazing, life-changing and powerful design with the rest of our team. A big welcome to the Fjord team!

Álvaro Romero, Project Manager

 Álvaro joins us after having spent the past 10 years helping businesses and service providers understand each other, and has in a program and project manager role helped companies such as Unilever, Carlsberg, Diageo and BAT during big, mainly digital, transformations. Apart from his passion for design, Álvaro is also a snowboard lover, wannabe ironman, downhill bike rider, former semi-professional football player, and his five months old son’s biggest fan.

Alvaro Romero[2]

Timothy Harris, Service Design Lead

 Timothy has left London for sunny Madrid, recently having worked as an Experience Architect for the NHS in England. Before that he lived in Los Angeles where he created ‘funny-sticky-webby-goodness’ for kids, in Amsterdam working in news publishing and e-commerce, and in New York, designing interactive advertising and branding. He has also taught in Japan, studied in Denmark, and volunteered in Ghana, and always dreamt of doodling on small, brightly coloured bits of paper that will stick on any surface. Answers to the name Tim.

Tim Harris[3]


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