Larissa Davies

New Zealand’s inaugural Fjord Kitchen


New Zealand’s very first Kitchen was an evening filled with great conversations, lead by inspiring content that was brought to life through digital installations and a menu that evolved in colour and taste.

Fjord Kitchens are held by studios across the globe to share the latest thinking, ideas and thought leadership on innovation, design and technology, and fosters conversation amongst industry experts. As one of Fjord’s newest studios, Auckland was keen to introduce this concept and our thinking on ‘Living Services’ and ‘Living Business’ to our New Zealand audience. Auckland venue ‘Rockefeller’ provided a relaxed setting, and the evening seemed to resonate well with the Kiwi audience.

Andy Polaine (APAC Design Director) and Evan Tremblay (Melbourne Group Design Director) joined us to help host from Australia, jointly with Larissa Davies (Fjord NZ Lead) and Ben Morgan (Accenture Interactive NZ Lead). The local Fjord team, Accenture colleagues and leaders of local organizations going through change were the guests, 35 in total.

We kicked off with canapes and cocktails while guests could make their own giffys, play with the interactive digital kaleidoscope and choose badges which aligned to (and demonstrated the complexity of) their personality, making for interesting chat. We then moved on to a three-course dinner, including a cocktail named “The Blue Lady” which changed colour when mixed with citrus. The dessert included schezaun bud and oca leaf, which twisted the flavour by slightly numbing the taste buds when eaten, taking guests’ taste buds on an adventure, fitting with the theme of constant change and evolution.

Our Living Services and Living Business thinking was shared and got guests thinking about how they need to be transforming their businesses to be customer-led and able to create and adapt to their customers constantly changing needs and expectations. The importance of culture in achieving change was also a popular talking point.

It was a great night and something different for our guests. We look forward to building on the relationships, fun and conversations next year.

Larissa Davies

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