Olof Schybergson joins Interaction Design Foundation executive board

Annie Woodhead

Fjord joins the ranks of 100+ leading designers, Ivy League professors and bestselling authors to support the publication of free online textbooks.

Fjord CEO Olof Schybergson has joined the executive board of the Interaction Design Foundation (the IDF) alongside a number of respected industry leaders including Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research; Ken Friedman, professor and formerly dean of the Faculty of Design at Swinburne University, Australia; Michael Arent, vice president of user experience at SAP Business Objects; Jonas Lowgren, professor of interaction design at Sweden’s Malmo University; and Dan Rosenberg, user experience executive, consultant and professor.

The executive board will work hard to assist the IDF in its mission to publish free online educational materials for technology designers and college students all over the world. In doing so, the IDF and its supporters will help make technology more user-friendly for the people who use it.

The centerpiece of the IDF’s work is the Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction written by 100+ leading designers, Ivy League professors, CEOs, futurists and bestselling authors from across the design and technology universe. Currently the encyclopedia numbers 35 short textbooks or chapters which students, professors and professionals can assemble in any way they want in order to make their own individual book.

For Fjord, this involvement is a natural step for us. In recent years we’ve seen a shift away from learning as something that only happens through pairing teachers with students in traditional classrooms. Innovations such as learning via video instruction, or online courses from prestigious universities, are now available anytime and anywhere to anyone with an Internet connection. The IDF is now helping the next stage of transformation in learning stake shape. It’s the future of highly personalised and adaptive learning materials and we’re excited to be playing a part in this journey.

You can find out more about the work of the IDF here.

Annie Woodhead

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