On joining the dots

Fjord Family

As we head into our new horizon with Accenture Interactive, I’m seeing with increasing clarity what the combination of our quite different skill sets can bring that separately we couldn’t.

The answer for how this sets us apart as a design team within this new organism, lies in that last sentence –  we bring value internally, to our clients and most importantly their customers by seeing clearly and helping to join the dots.

And we do that through design.

This is because as designers we transform

  • Complexity into simplicity
  • Data into understanding
  • Multiple threads into systems

And in order to do these things, we need to dive deep, right to the heart of what things are about to discover where the truth lies, whilst at the same time understanding the context and situation in which we find ourselves.

Turning this onto ourselves, being able to do this helps us fuse synapses that weren’t before connected across our organisations and between individuals who come together to offer more as a result.

By finding the right idea that resonates and using that as a catalyst to accelerate change for the better, we as designers can draw together business, technology, data analytics, organisational transformation and maintain that strong thread by telling a coherent story throughout.

The disruption brought about by digital demands clarity in order to navigate the chaos brought about by infinite possibility and that’s what design is all about. It requires keeping in mind the complete picture, whilst simultaneously seeing each individual jigsaw piece.

It’s only in being able to maintain different perspectives like this that we can see patterns emerging on a macro level which feed back into the evolution of individual areas of expertise.

Now we’re part of a much larger family, with the journey we’re on together only just beginning. As designers, I believe we’re in the best position to navigate us safely, knowing that the destination is not a fixed place but a set of increasingly deeper connections with the world around us.

Fjord Family

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