Open Tabs: legos for grown ups, credit unions, and time

Jesus Gorriti

This week was an exciting week for Fjord, as we held the official after party for GigaOm’s RoadMap conference in San Francisco, Executive Director of Organizational Evolution, Shelley Evenson, spoke about Living Services at the DMI Conference in Boston, our CCO Mark Curtis spoke about the value of design and how we’re delivering it to our Accenture family,  and were published in Contagious Magazine for my point of view on how haptic technology can impact the in-car experience.

But, we still made time to get some work done… and of course share links for interesting things around the web for this week’s Open Tabs!

Legos meet digital to make this awesome Lego Calendar

Yes, mobile is eating the world

Benedict Evans publishes his Autumn 2013 report on mobile trends. While the growth of mobile is not unsurprising, there are some interesting points in the deck. For instance, 12-15 year old children in the UK make almost no phone calls on their mobile devices, but send on average over 250 texts per week and over 150 messages via apps.

Credit Unions make their case

And they created a highly effective use of parallax scrolling to show why you should sign up for one. Try it yourself, and let us know if you’re ready to switch.

A visualization for time

Had a bad day? Well, maybe looking at this interactive visualization of time and the scale of human time may put things in perspective.


Jesus Gorriti

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