Open Tabs: Sensors are everywhere

Jesus Gorriti

This week, Fjord found out that our work with Turkish bank, Garanti, was shortlisted for an IxDA Interaction Award, and we released our video summarizing our amazing experience this September at Fjord Equinox in Marrakech, Morocco.

We also saw some old services get re-imagined, including a couple old products that have been given major upgrades through sensors:

They sum up their service in 5 words: “Simple. All your cards. One Coin.” In essence, Coin gives you one new card which taps into all of your other debit and credit cards and allows you to select which one to use. It works like any other card, but also notifies you if you’ve accidentally left your card behind and allows you to manage multiple credit cards all at once.

It’s one step closer to a simplified wallet, and the beauty of Coin is that unlike other new payment services that require merchant adoption, this utilizes your existing card services but provides you a more simple and manageable interface for using them.

You can pre-order your Coin for Summer 2014.

Basketball gets geeky

94Fifty is a sensor-enabled basketball that can gather data about a player, providing a new advanced level of training and coaching for athletes. Paired with a mobile app, 94Fifty can measure performance and provide feedback on how to be a better player instantly.

Wearables on the move
This project completely re-imagines the bike helmet. It has been a concept for a few years, and the creators have raised $10 million in funding to make it a reality. Through sensors that are embedded into a scarf-like wearable, this invisible helmet can perceive when certain movements indicate an accident or a biker falling, and inflate to create an instead inflatable hood to protect the biker’s head.

Jesus Gorriti

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