People matter in Health & Wellness

Annie Woodhead

On Thursday 25th October, the Fjord London studio hosted a Kitchen event around “Digital disruptions and opportunities in health & wellness”. Discussion focussed on the impact digital is having on the health and wellness sector and discussed how businesses could create new services. Joined by heavy-weight speakers from McLaren Applied Technologies, Orange Healthcare and Patients Know Best, we talked about what it means to create truly valuable service offerings while staying true to Fjord’s Kitchen format by dinning on mouth watering food. With lively Q&As and thought-provoking discussion there was an overwhelming agreement that putting people first was of utmost importance in health and wellness.

Fjord’s Matt Shannon kicked off the evening by talking about how we see disruption, what some of the common challenges business face and how a service design approach that explores the whole eco-system can help facilitate the creation of meaningful services. He emphasised the need to get a clear picture of consumer needs and in doing so, set the tone for the evening’s speakers.

Jim Newton from McLaren Applied Technologies described how some of McLaren’s approaches to Formula One are used to accelerate health and wellness development. Using examples of their work with Team GB, Jim shared some of the lessons they’ve learnt and how they can be applied to healthcare. He also talked about the importance of seeing health and wellness through the eyes of the consumer in order to motivate people and drive behavioural change for the better. With digital and real-time monitoring fundamental to everything McLaren Applied Technologies does, it was a fascinating insight into how one of the world’s most cutting edge companies operates. Take a look at the presentation to learn more.

Benjamin Sarda from Orange Healthcare showed how Orange’s network and technology is helping to join the dots in healthcare and shared their vision for a future of personalised medicine. Driven by an anticipated cost reduction in DNA sequencing, Benjamin explained why a new kind of predictive medicine would emerge that puts people in control of what’s happening with their health. He made the point that digital can change behaviour but services need to be easy to use and beautifully designed if people are to make the best use of them. It’s a point close to our hearts at Fjord. You can see his full presentation here.

The evening closed with an inspiring presentation from Dr Mohammad al Ubaydli, CEO and founder of Patients Know Best – a service that give patients online access to their medical data and connects them to healthcare professionals. Think Facebook but for your healthcare records. He showed us what happens when patients are put in control of their healthcare and drew on their work with Great Ormond Street children’s hospital trust to help patients and doctors from other healthcare providers work more closely as a team. It’s a fascinating model that is driving a true revolution in healthcare.

Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to Kate and the team at Rare Food for another evening of culinary delights.

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Annie Woodhead

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