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Physical/Digital: Designing for the full human experience

With the world moving forward faster than ever, we all have opportunities to tweak, hone, clarify and streamline every aspect of our lives. There’s always a better way of doing something, and, in our experience, that means putting design at the heart of everything we do.

Today, experiences mean everything. And to provide truly outstanding experiences, we must understand and design customer journeys that recognize technology has moved beyond screens – it’s all around us, in our objects and physical spaces. For meaningful and lasting success, brands must move beyond simply selling a product, toward providing experiences that develop mutually rewarding relationships with their consumers.

As digital is increasingly embedded in the physical world, brands are seeking to create connected experiences that capitalize on the strategic blending of digital and physical design. This means traversing physical and digital touchpoints to become woven throughout people’s lives.

At Fjord, we shape, build and launch digital products and connected physical products that have impact. We drive the whole process, from defining the scope and detail of the challenge right up to delivering the result to market.

Below you’ll find a selection of our Physical/Digital work and thought pieces:


A team of designers, developers and cloud architects from Fjord and Accenture worked with VELUX to design and implement a service that uses Virtual Reality to give customers a real representation of how daylight could enrich and improve their homes. Read the full case study here


Fjord’s product design team worked with Joy to create the Joy Interactive Photo Album, which gives people an easy and secure method to consolidate all photos and videos on the cloud by seamlessly importing photos/videos from Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos as well as directly from cameras. Read the full case study here.


Our product design team partnered with Verdigris and Mindtribe Product Development to design an easy-to-install, first-of-its-kind power management system for building managers. Read the full case study here.


We partnered with Sonos to help explore and uncover new possibilities for their latest home theater product, PLAYBASE. Read the full case study here.


Well asked us to create a non-invasive home conservation system that taps into people’s wants and needs with the aim of helping them to adopt healthy water usage habits in the long term. Read the full case study here.


We set about designing an innovative home technology protection device called Cujo (a nod to Stephen King’s infamous canine). It’s home security with personality. Read the full case study here.  


Accenture and Fjord worked with Carnival Cruises to develop a new interactive guest-experience platform, that will deliver an unprecedented level of guest service and personalization. Learn more in the press release here

Whole Foods

We teamed up with Whole Foods Market during SXSW 2018 to create an AR proof of concept, called 360 by Whole Foods Market. Take a look at the video here.

The Magic Table

By combining emerging technologies, we built a prototype that can instantly tell you what’s in your food, making life a lot easier for allergy sufferers, healthy eaters and additive avoiders. Watch the video here.

Boring commerce is here (and it’s awesome): my experience with Amazon Go

Jake Zukowski and a team from our Seattle studio joined the crowds on the opening day of Amazon’s new retail experience, Amazon Go. Read about their experience of hassle-free shopping here.

City with a brain

The fundamentals of what defines a city and how it works are being challenged to the core. Max Burton, our head of connected products, takes a look at how connected technologies are changing the cities of tomorrow. Read the full piece here.

Connected spaces: the new frontier in product design

Max Burton looks at how architects and product designers are teaming up to create digital-physical experiences that are distinctly human. Read the full piece here.

To learn more about our product design capabilities, please reach out to Max Burton

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