Platform eyes easier diabetes Management for 400 Million Sufferers

Danielle Lundquist


Fjord’s Living Service would improve life for everyone by leveraging pools of data collected by fitness wearables and mobile apps.

Life changed for Jonas Hoglund and his family when his 5-year-old son Max was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Suddenly, they not only had to administer insulin to Max, they had to keep a close watch on his daily life. “You need to know all the variables around you,” Hoglund says. “What he’s doing, what he’s eating, how he’s sleeping and so on.” But the means did not exist to track and evaluate such data. So Hoglund, service design director at design firm Fjord Stockholm, set about creating it. The resulting project, Fjord Fido, is meant to assist not only individual diabetes patients but all of them.

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Danielle Lundquist

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