Putting the Consumer First: The Effect of Mobile on Broadcast

Emma Scott

During this year’s Mobile World Congress, Fjord Chief Client Officer, Mark Curtis boldly told the broadcasting industry: “you have the least customer friendly industry on earth.” And it’s hard to disagree. We live in a world overwhelmed with media channels and cluttered with user experiences, making seemingly simple tasks, like searching for a favorite TV show, tedious at best.

Mark told the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) that it’s time to start thinking about the customer in his presentation entitled Putting The Consumer First: The Effect of Mobile on Broadcast. Among the priorities required for the industry, he stressed the changing relationship with the consumer and warned “what broadcast companies need to think about now is how do we help build services through media, because if you don’t think about that, [brands] will bypass your media.” Curtis also underscored essential priorities for broadcasting, such as leveraging customer data, simplifying payment, investing in mobile, and personalized second screen experiences just to name a few.

To watch Mark’s complete talk for the NAB at Mobile World Congress, watch the video below and take a look at his presentation on slideshare.

Fjord will be back presenting with the NAB for their show in Las Vegas, April 7-10 – tweet @fjord if you will be there!


Emma Scott

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