Reactions on Fjord + Accenture from around the Web

Sara Munday

aipress.001News that Fjord is set to become part of Accenture made headlines today, and we’ve been delighted to see the positive reaction with the press and Twittersphere alike. Here’s a summary of some of the coverage of the deal.

FastCo Design: In Bid For Design Cred, Accenture Acquires Fjord

VentureBeat: Accenture Boosts Its Design Chops With Fjord Acquisition 

AdAge: Agencies, Look Out: Accenture’s Invading Your Turf in a Bigger Way Than Ever

The Next Web: Consultancy company Accenture acquires Fjord, the agency behind and PayPal’s latest app

The DrumAccenture acquires Fjord: Results International suggests we will see more of this type of deal

Design Week: Accenture buys Fjord

Wired: Big corporations are buying firms in droves

For a more in depth look at the deal, check out this post by Fjord’s CEO, Olof Schybergson.


Sara Munday

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