Hawkeye Thompson

Rethinking the future of grocery shopping

How much can a design team innovate in a weekend? Quite a bit, actually.

At SXSW, we hosted Live Innovation, a 48-hour design challenge to help reimagine the future of grocery shopping for one of Austin’s flagship brands, Whole Foods Market. Our Live Innovation is a unique opportunity to experience and participate in Fjord’s human-centered approach to solving business problems in a quick and iterative way. And at SXSW, we were lucky enough to have hundreds of brilliant festival attendees help us ideate and innovate to come up with what we think are some solutions that can change people’s lives for the better.

Attendees participated in two days of micro-activities, themed to Fjord Trends, to brainstorm around the blending of physical and digital to improve the connected grocery shopping experience. We’re able to bring to life a solution that starts with and caters to the betterment of the human experience – the retail customer experience in this case – rather than driven by a business problem or a technology.

After a quick 48 hours, our biggest insight was that people are looking to Whole Foods to help them live better, not just shop better. With lots of conversations, too many Post-it notes to count, and awesome pattern finding, we distilled and curated the thinking power of the hive mind and shared those ideas with Whole Foods representatives.

The result? “The Whole 10 Cookbook – 10 recipes for success in the connected marketplace.”

Watch to learn more.

Hawkeye Thompson

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