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Katherine Shenton

Open Mobile Summit, organised by Open Mobile Media, will take place in London on the 19th and 20th of May. The annual event aims to bring together developers, retailers, device manufacturers, wireless carriers, technologists, and commerce experts across the mobile field, to explore current and emerging trends in the constantly evolving mobile landscape.

Fjord’s co-founder and Chief Client Officer, Mark Curtis will be one of the industry leaders speaking at this year’s Open Mobile Summit event in London.

Mark will be speaking about The Future of Device Manufacture: Wearables, as he joins a keynote panel discussion along side Damien Mehers of Evernote, Stephane Marceau of OMsignal, and Miles Kirby of Qualcomm ventures.  The panel will touch on subjects such as how wearables will influence fashion designers and vice versa, the wearable transformation from ‘object’ to ‘friend’ and the next step in lifestyle services, and how service design will be at the centre of the smartification of objects.

Some of the agenda highlights at this year’s Summit also include:

  • NEW TOOLS IN ADVERTISING: Is it possible to improve customer experience through new technologies such as iBeacons or NFC? And, how will programmatic scheduling and real time bidding change the face of advertising?
  • TV GOES DIGITAL: It’s all about the show, not the screen. In order to keep up with their ravenous mobile consuming audience, broadcasters need to adapt their digital strategiesHow are they upgrading on design and native advertising?
  • WEB VS. APPS: WHAT’S THE RIGHT CHOICE? Mobile apps offer increased performance and UX advantages. But, browsers promise to render some of these apps obsolete as connection speeds, functionality and mobile design improve.
  • PLAYING THE ENTERPRISE GAME: From juggling BYOD and Cloud to safeguarding data, it all comes down to understanding the players’ mobile mind shift. Learn how deploying gamification can help you move to the next level.
  • MPAYMENTS JOINS FORCES WITH RETAIL: Bridging the digital and physical worlds! How can delivering a contextually relevant mcommerce experience help give retail customers what they want, when they want it?
  • NET NEUTRALITY RULING MOVES THE GOAL POSTS: The US court has decided against net neutrality and network operators are getting heavily involved in issues such as mobile identity. As a result, personal data becomes the holy grail of customer insight.

For the full program and key-speaker line-up please visit the event page.  Join in the conversation #openmobilesummit .

We hope to see you there!

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Katherine Shenton

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