Andrew Falcon

Speaking and acting for diversity and inclusion, against discrimination and violence

There have been some tragic events around the world recently. Our business and people are as aware of them as everyone else.

Today, our lead for North America – Andrew Falcon – sent this mail to all Fjordians there. We thought we’d share it, as it says well what we believe – that we should speak and act for diversity and inclusion, and against discrimination and violence – no matter where we see it.

To all Fjordians in North America,

In recent weeks, we’ve heard about the tragic events in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas – Fjord leadership and I understand the impact this will have on our families and society. Stay safe and if you need support or wish to discuss then do reach out to us!

The senseless violence of these and similar events in the world makes us ask what each of us can do to stand for equality and justice. Most importantly, let’s continue to forge our commitment to Diversity; to be firm in our commitment to diversity in all locations and at all levels of Fjord, and be firm in our belief that the best innovation and the best design comes from diverse teams working together with respect, understanding and compassion for one another.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we have zero tolerance for discrimination at Fjord, and if you experience or hear about discrimination of any kind – by someone at Fjord, or directed at someone at Fjord – I’d like you to make me or HR aware.

As designers working in the digital field we have a unique opportunity to let our work speak for us, to make a change for good – through the work we do, the challenges we tackle and the way we go about them on a daily basis.

We have many examples of engagements or initiatives where Fjord has influenced change in a positive and beneficial way, both in this country and further afield. Take some time and read about…

We aspire and commit to more projects like these and we have the Fjord Cor community of practice and the Innovation Fund structure that can help, so if you have ideas about how we can grow this footprint – possibly focused on the issues we’re encountering here in North America – please let us know.

We also very much encourage dialog on these matters, so you should know that Fjord is supportive of us collectively discussing these matters. We’re also completely aligned with Accenture’s North America leadership views and initiatives related to this, and we would encourage you to check out and participate in the July 27th Town Hall event on Diversity. We would also be very happy for you to use Fjord’s channels to communicate your views and ideas. Earlier this year our own Abbie Walsh wrote a great article about diversity, and we would welcome more initiatives that voice Fjordian beliefs. We reach an influential audience, so this can be a powerful route to create dialog and inspire positive change.

Best regards,

Andrew and the Fjord Global Leadership team

Andrew Falcon

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