Stockholm, Moscow, Helsinki, Istanbul – dreams coming true

Hanna-Mari Parkkinen

The story of how we helped to shape Turkcell’s UX event in November

Cold, colder – Stockholm  

It was one of the those truly cold Swedish May mornings and as Seda and I stood shivering at the TeliaSonera HQ roof terrace by the posh Stureplan, we started to think about how we could help make other companies truly customer-centered. It’s the question every company asks and fears about how to make the vital step change in operations.

Turkcell had kick-started this way of thinking a few years ago and we wanted to share the fruits of our collective knowledge with the rest of the industry. Spiced up with Fjord’s deep expertise and business design leadership, we thought there was a real opportunity to create some kind of event that would allow top executives to learn how to change the direction of their organisation to become more customer centric. After a few hours of energetic – and heated – discussions we were full adrenaline. Where could we learn new things to help us bring this idea to life? How could share this with everyone at Turkcell as well?

Where there is a will, there is a way and so our plotting began..

Do not wear high-heels in Moscow

In August we continued our planning but this time in a new location; on the Moscow metro in between workshops and reference visits to clients. While ‘touring’ Moscow we also learnt that Russia is accelerating digital banking and so organisational UX transformation is essential. It was valuable insight that further compelled us on our mission and stopped by the Red Square to take stock of the days learning and laughed at how impractical high heels are for sight seeing!

We spent the next few days deep in a Rumble with the talented VTB24-team. The steep adaptation curves for on-line shopping and double digit growth numbers in credit card usage help us to shape some killer concepts. Yet again, we asked ourselves, how could we share this learning with the whole Turkcell team?

No, you do not need to go to Sauna in Helsinki 

Our next stop was Helsinki for a killer reference visit to learn more about how to measure user experience. We hosted a wonderful workshop and built a UX Dashboard concept in five  hours.This is the power of co-creation at its best: by bringing together product designers, potential new customers and concept designers we saw how it was possible to create differentiating concepts in a matter of hours. A trip to a sauna would have certainly helped but no time for it this time.

Energized by these experiences, we finalized our ideas for a knowledge sharing event for the Turkcell team, concluding that the most effective way would be to bring experienced though-leaders and industry shapers on stage to share their ideas. We called it the Turkcell UX Networking Day and started to build an event that would explore the latest in UX thinking by bringing in industry leaders to share ideas around best practice. Our plan was coming together!

Lovely things happen in Istanbul 

After months of careful planning and preparations the day finally arrived, the energy in the room was sky high and we were excited for what was to come next. Turkcell’s inaugural UX Networking Day was about to kick off, Telefonica’s Pamela Mead was about to address the audience, followed by our very own Shelley Evenson. And as we took our seats, ready to learn, we took a moment to congratulate ourselves. Our hard work had paid off and infront of an audience of 100+ attendees, our vision was coming to life.

Lovely things happen when you aim high and work for it.

Stay tuned to find out more about what’s next!

Hanna-Mari Parkkinen

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