Street art and endearing people at Madrid’s new studio opening


More than two hundred friends, clients, employees and Fjordians got together a few days ago to celebrate the opening of the new Madrid office, an incredible space located just in front of the iconic Reina Sofía contemporary art museum.

The new headquarters of Fjord Madrid used to be an art gallery. We thought it would be nice to retain some of that spirit. The former gallery owners put us in contact with the creative urban art collective Boamistura. We liked each other a lot and so we invited them to make an intervention in the office to premiere at our opening ceremony. This anamorphic version of our motto, “We are One”, is inscribed across several planes so you can only read the whole phrase from a single point on the floor.

It was not premeditated, but this intervention by Boamistura is an analogy of Fjord Madrid’s very different personalities, backgrounds and abilities that somehow fit together and become one single thing: a fantastically geared machine that enables customers to transform their services and make their users’ lives a little better, easier, and more beautiful. No magic trick.

But all this is better expressed by Luis Uguina, Global Head of New Technologies at BBVA, one of those customer/friends who dropped by the party and expressed a few words with great meaning for us: ” From being a bank that did not exist in the world of Internet and mobile, with the help of Fjord we’ve become probably the best bank in Spain –and one of the best in the world- in the field of mobile. And this is just the beginning. We really believe that some of our upcoming projects are going to change the world, and one of our closest partners to achieve this breakthrough is Fjord.” Wow. This is totally uplifting.

In typical fashion, Andy Goodman, Managing Director at Fjord Madrid, took the microphone to show our eternal gratitude to the clients we have been doing transformative works for, which in turn have made us transform ourselves: on the verge of Fjord Madrid’s third anniversary, we have grown from two to 30 professionals from different disciplines, background and up to 8 nationalities. From the earliest times in Andy’s apartment, to the office of Lavapies (as genuine a Madrid spot as you can find!) that ran out of space as new projects and new Fjordians joined… to this new space we’ve just started settling in to, and which we are about to make a comfortable home full of ideas to share with those who want to take part in the Fjord experience.

We’ve been waiting to share this remarkable moment because we wanted to show this beautifully edited video that just came out, where you can see what the event was like and what we did to turn the office into an awesome party spot, including food, drinks, black balloons everywhere and the videowall that some Fjordians spent hours riding so everyone could see in real time what was being posted live in Twitter under the hashtag #FjordMAD. We joked afterwards that we should have a 24-hour space; design studio by day, superclub at night!

From our new home, thanks so much to clients, the good people in the design community, family, friends, and a special mention to two Fjordianas who arrived in Madrid from overseas for the occasion: Shelley Evenson, coming from San Francisco and newly appointed in Fjord as Organizational Learning Director, and Annie Woodhead, Head of Marketing and PR. Thank you all for coming and spending some of your time with this bunch of MAD, mad Fjordians.


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