Swedish app into battle against rampant diabetes

Jonas Hoglund

Veckans Affärer: 

The diabetes epidemic as we know it could get the better. A Swedish big data app aims to simplify the lives of those who are affected . The idea came to Jonas Hoglund when his son suffered from diabetes.

Existence was inverted for Höglund family when son Max suffered diabetes at age 5. Permanent monitoring of food intake and activity was now part of life. Jonas Hoglund, who works as a service design director for Accenture-owned innovation and design agency Fjord, realized that it must be possible to create a service that collects data, analyzes the data and provides recommendations on insulin intake.

Now he stands poised to launch a big data service that will simplify the lives of the world’s diabetics. the idea was presented at a Accenture conference a couple of years ago. Concept development started last spring and the first prototype of Fido is expected to be completed in 3 months. “Fido becomes like your second brain,” says Jonas Hoglund. The idea is to find correlations between behavior and blood sugar levels to provide easier and more precise insulin treatments and thus prevent blood sugar. Fido is based on something that Fjord call “living services” – the service adapts to user behavior rather than vice versa.

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Jonas Hoglund

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