The Drum’s ‘Exceptional Women Out West’ featuring Fjord’s Nandini Nayak

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By Doug Zanger

‘You learn most out of your failure’: Exceptional Women Out West featuring Nandini Nayak, managing director, design strategy, Fjord

Fjord’s managing director, design strategy, Nandini Nayak knows a lot about the human condition, especially as it relates to computers. The Bangalore native has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and her first job out of school was in a R&D Lab at Hewlett Packard as a human factors engineer.

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Human-computer interaction is a strength for Nayak, and she even points out that she has two “digital native sons” and a “90 year-old digitally savvy mother.” She has used her vast knowledge to build and lead large UI teams and worked alongside design teams with multiple agencies during her time at HP. She moved to Accenture in 2010 because she loved their focus on analytical decision-making and business outcomes.

Even though she is linked heavily to the digital world, she sees her role as a people person and a student of human behavior. As part of Fjord’s innovation leadership team, she drives a program called Data and Design, which is tasked to “try to bring analytical minds of mathematicians closer to designers or artists and create new solutions working that together.”

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