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Join Us in Austin!

South By Southwest is always an amazing, insane event, where experts, artists, ideas and innovations from all corners of the globe converge in Austin, Texas, for several crazy days of mixing, mingling, panels, programs and — of course — parties.

And Fjord Austin is at the center of it all!

While last year we had  a fantastic time  featuring a great party and projects that included dancing doubles, smart zippers and the slaying of (virtual) dragons, this year is set to be just as incredible! We’ve got the whole family here – from fellow Fjordians to our colleagues at Accenture Interactive – and together, we’re excited to present a new way to play.

Check out what we’ve got in store this SXSW, and then book your ticket to Austin and join us!

If you can’t make it, be sure to follow us on social, where our team will be on the ground documenting the fest. Look out – it’s #FjordSXSW …


Chaotic R&D — Fjord’s (in)famous innovation lab — will be presenting four projects at this year’s fest, showcasing cutting-edge applications of technologies ranging from computer vision, facial recognition and SLAM tracking to AI, VR and MR. The demos will be on display during Accenture Interactive’s Program Day (more on that below) where visitors can get their hands dirty and try them out for themselves.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect at this year’s fest…


Your personal party programmer

Using a cutting-edge combination of computer vision, machine learning, speech synthesis and real-time communication, PartyBOT is an AI that serves as your personal party programmer, and is designed to curate a customized SXSW experience for every attendee.


React well — or the reactor won’t

MELTDOWN! is an intense VR experience that transports you to the nuclear power plant for training, where — when disaster strikes — your reactions and skills are tested under intense pressure as you try to beat the clock and save the day.


A better way to build, no instruction manual necessary

The ultimate knowledge-sharing tool, BrickClick demonstrates how mixed reality can help even the most inexperienced user build furniture, fix a car, cook a meal or, in this case, build a Lego Car flawlessly —no instruction manual necessary. (If you’re looking for a project that demonstrates Blurred Reality — one of our 2017 Trends —  this is it!)

Sentiri 2.0

Tap into your sixth sense

A haptic guidance wearable for the visually impaired, Sentiri 2.0 leverages computer vision-driven, context-based navigation and SLAM tracking to guide the wearer easily and efficiently to their desired destination.


Accenture Interactive is hosting a full Program Day on Sunday, March 12 at the Courtyard Marriott, jam-packed with six sessions featuring leading industry experts.

The day kicks off at 9:30 am with a session on Fjord Trends, during which our speaker will dive into this year’s trends — plus review hits and misses from previous years. (Early bird gets the insight!) And be sure to stay put, because there’s more panel firepower coming, with five talks spanning the tech sphere and demonstrating new ways to interact with customers and craft captivating experiences that drop jaws and even transform industries.

Creative technologists from Chaotic R&D will also be at the Marriott all day  in the Demo Lab (set up in the Brazos Ballroom), manning the projects mentioned above and offering you the opportunity to experience the technologies for yourself!

Be sure to check out the full schedule of our events to see what’s happening —

Looking Fjorward to seeing you there!

Michael Hall

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