The importance of a designer’s role in the C-Suite

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By Derek du Preez in Diginomica


Airbnb, Fjord and the City of Helsinki discuss how designers can unify an organisation’s vision in a very practical way.


Olof Schybergson, founder and co-lead at Fjord, agreed and said that since his company had been acquired by Accenture in 2013 he has gained insight into a number of large organisations across multiple regions, and all of them either have or are looking to get design into the C-suite.

Schybergson said that companies need to invest in design to even get “the minimum benchmark” in competitiveness. He added:

“Ten years ago they spoke about their engineering team, but now they talk about their engineering and design team. The mentality has changed that design is now central. 

Especially the larger companies are facing a crisis of innovation. They feel like the start-ups have it all sorted it out and they think they’re going to come and eat their lunch, nibbling at the profitable edges of their business.

They’re frustrated with their own organisation’s inability to innovate. They’re trying to innovate through technology, which didn’t quite work. They’re trying to innovate through cutting costs, which gave them some advantages. But design is a third way of addressing innovation and it’s delivering results.”


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