The Journey of a Lifetime

Fjord Family

Every year we arrange a trip for a team of Fjordians who have been with us for a long time, to go and visit one of Earth’s most spectacular and awe-inspiring sights – a real fjord.

This journey is very unique to Fjord, and something that we hold very close to our hearts. It is an occasion to leave the every day work environment behind for a few days, and participate in an once-in-a-lifetime experience shared with colleagues from around the world.

Our work at Fjord is filled with cutting edge technology and high-tech services. Our Fjord Journeys take participants back to a basic state, where it is all about nature’s elements, outdoor life, and connecting with the real world around us. This inspiration is important when designing services that aim to make a difference to people’s lives.

Previous Fjord Journeys have taken us to various destinations including Greenland, Iceland, and the Island of Senja.

Today a group of Fjordians will be making their way to Lofoten Island in northern Norway, also known as The Pearl of the North, and voted one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Lofoten is a nature paradise, boasting excellent fishing, small villages off the beaten track and whale safaris, all in an incredible scenic setting. The chain of islands is world-renowned for its scenery.

The team will spend their time hiking and kayaking in the Norwegian fjords, and walking in the footsteps of Vikings. You can join me in following their journey on our social media channels via #FjordJourneys.


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Fjord Family

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