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Our question was simple: What makes users love a brand, product, service or experience?

The answer, however, was not.

People describe their love in different ways: “It’s fun”… “It makes my life easier”… “I tell everyone about it.” (They also complain in different ways… but that’s a different story.)

And while that feedback is useful, it’s difficult for a company to make it actionable. The Net Promoter Score, meanwhile, asks consumers whether or not they would recommend a company, and rates that company accordingly. However, the NPS doesn’t answer one key question: Why? We decided to find the what and the why, and after two years of research and survey responses from 26,000 participants in three countries, we realized that love is a science… and we have the formula.

Introducing THE LOVE INDEX, our radically new and radically different system for measuring brand love and developing actionable insights to better inform the design process. You see, through this work (and plenty of blood, sweat and tears), we realized that brand love can be broken down into five key dimensions:

  • Fun: Holds people’s attention in an entertaining way
  • Relevant: Makes it easy to find clear and customized information
  • Engaging: Identifies with people’s needs and adapts to their expectations
  • Social: Helps people to connect with each other
  • Helpful: Is efficient, easy and adapts over time


These dimensions are applicable to any brand, in any industry. By applying the system to rate a company and its competitors, you can identify the areas in which a brand is succeeding and those in which it’s falling behind. Additionally, The Love Index showcases areas of opportunity, illuminating how a company can adapt in a certain area to forever raise the bar for consumers (a phenomenon known as liquid expectations) and even disrupt their entire industry.

The 2016 Love Index examined both physical and digital brands in an array of industries, and took into account the thoughts and feelings of consumers of all ages–Gen Z through Baby Boomers–in the US, UK and Brazil. Through this study, we uncovered a myriad of fascinating findings, and discovered the most loved brand.

All this info, and more, is available on the official Love Index site… but let’s just say that apparently people really, really like to “Netflix and chill.”

Take a deeper look at all our findings in the deck below:


Nandini Nayak

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