Antti Routto

Fjord wins gold and silver service design awards


Three submissions. Three awards. It wasn’t a complete failure for Fjord Helsinki at Finland’s most recognized design and advertising award “Vuoden Huiput”.

Gold and Silver for Enter Finland

We won the Service Design Gold Prize with Enter Finland, the eService we created together with the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) and Accenture. The project also won a Silver prize in the Digital Design category. Peek behind the links to see the amazing team behind the work.

Enter Finland is something we’re extremely proud of. Migri asked us to create the world’s best immigration service. So we did what we could. We built Enter Finland with empathy for the different users. It helps Migri employees to run their daily tasks in a smoother and more efficient way. For the applicant it makes the process faster and more transparent. It makes moving to Finland a more pleasant experience. If you’ve ever lived abroad, you know how it can be.

And since the award submission, we received some new stats too. 95% of Enter Finland’s users said they’d recommend Enter Finland to a friend. There were 2 000 people who took the survey.

Silver for Fjord and the Finnair Digital Customer Experience Vision

We are also very happy for our client Finnair who won two Silver prizes, one of them being our work for the airline’s digital customer experience vision. We created the vision together with Finnair to help guide the airline’s service development in a consistent way. The first services that are based on the vision, are the Finnair mobile app and the In-Flight Entertainment system for the new Finnair Airbus 350 carrier. Our team created the initial core concepts for both. We’d like to congratulate the Finnair and Fjord teams who made this happen, as well as all of Finnair’s other partners that have helped bring these world-class services to life. You can expect a case study of our work soon.

And a thank you for the Grafia association for the great event.

Antti Routto

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