The smartphone eats all our possessions. Is the DSLR next?

Fjord Family

Smartphones are hungry beasts. They have gobbled up a lot of things we used to have in our lives.

They ate our alarm clocks, they ate our landline phones, they ate our calculators, our physical maps, and also our music players. They’ve long ago swallowed our pocket camera. This epic and gluttonous journey has now reached a major milestone.

Nokia’s 41-pixel Lumia 1020 was launched last week. It boasts image stabilization, an incredible zoom, great low-light shots and more. It’s a pretty remarkable achievement, and miles ahead of what others offer, in a slick smartphone shell.

With the launch of this 41-megapixel equipped Lumia 1020, will the smartphone now gobble up our  expensive, precious high-tech DSLR camera? It’s a truly remarkable feast, especially given that the shape of the Lumia 1020 resembles a standard high-end smartphone. It will be interesting to see if the smartphone appetite is reduced a bit after this mega meal, or if other high-end objects will gobbled up soon too – for example your TV.

Lets see what’s next!

Fjord Family

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