The tablet’s effect on media consumption

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At Fjord, we have completed many projects for the publishing industry, Bild in Germany, Bonnier in Sweden and the Metro in the UK to name a few. So we have much experience in the tablet’s effect on media consumption and wanted to share some views.

There are plenty of big questions to grapple with in the media publishing industry. It seems that tablets, the iPad leading this market, is a lightening rod for most of them, and the pace where a lot of debate becomes extremely real.

The iPad has really taken off in a big way. It’s not unprecedented, but it’s certainly fast and fairly remarkable on many levels. It has brought to the fore a lot of the big debates about the newspaper and print industries and their troubled relationships with the web, but is it a passing thing? And if it is, what’s next? It is already expensive dealing with this – what if there are more and more devices to come? What does it really say about our markets? Are they changing? And where or how do I invest? Do I bet a lot on the iPad, or is there a bigger trick I need to think about?

The deck below attempts to provide some food for thought on each of these areas. We can’t promise hard and fast answers, but we do believe it will get you thinking.

The presentation starts with some numbers and projections, in relation to the tablet market and to media consumption generally. It continues to look at the form of the tablet offers and how we generally need a rethink about how to approach it. It then looks at trends and finishes with some pointers.

This presentation was first put together in May 2011 – things move quickly of course, and we’ll look to update this as we go, but we hope you find it interesting and useful.

Fjord Family

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