The Top UX Predictions for 2016

Ida Jensen

UX Magazine: UX Magazine contributors give us their predictions for the trends and developments that will shape experience design in 2016.


Empowering Design – Nour Diab Yunes, Fjord

In 2016, design will empower people, giving them a sense of control over their bodies and environments. More importantly, this is the year that design will fuel all aspects of our social and private lives, and play a role in how we deal with the everyday as a society and as individuals.

As digital services continue to help organizations build stronger relationships with their audiences, by providing more informed and personalized experiences that meet their needs and exceed expectations, we are also seeing the rise of design thinking in influencing how the government communicates with its public., for example, are using design thinking to address the general public with a more human-centric approach, allowing more people to access information in a meaningful way.

Private digital initiatives are emerging in the most unpredictable and poetic ways, such as the Berlin-based Refugees Welcome service, also known as “Airbnb for refugees”, which has invited people from Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria, into private homes. This is a shining example of how effective digital can be in enabling citizens to reach out to one another and connect across geographical borders and cultural/political boundaries. Design has the potential to truly make an impact on society by encouraging a people-centric approach and giving room for a bottom-up communication stream that gives a voice to the public.


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Ida Jensen

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