The UX Overlord and the Vegan Werewolf


We’ve known Nora and Dani for a long time now. They’ve been adding interaction magic to quite a few Fjord Madrid projects as freelancers, and recently we were able to convince them to become full-time Fjordians.

It has been just a couple of weeks since they started working at the Fjord Madrid studio and they’ve already let us enjoy their wonderful creativity and delightfully clever sense of humour. Starting with their “Welcome Email” –  the classic presentation message we send to the entire company, including a picture and a bio of our new hires. Coworkers from Fjord offices around the world have already replied back with a warm welcome to Nora and Dani. But, little do they know that they’ve agreed to write each others’ biographies. Nora and Dani hardly knew each other 15 days ago, and the resulting bios are hilarious.

We’re now even prouder of having you around, Nora “The Vegan Werewolf” and Dani “The UX Overlord”.

Dani de la Rica as seen by Nora

Passionate interaction designer, semi-professional deer hunter in his free time, Dani is well known in the international community as “The UX Overlord”.

Dani has been working for almost 10 years in the industry, mainly freelancing and running start-ups when a good opportunity was spotted. We could say he is the kind of old hand that sees ahead of tendencies and watches the detail work. He is enthusiastic about joining Fjord during this exciting time.


Nora González as seen by Dani

Nora was born one day and has been growing ever since. This uncanny ability has led her to what she is today and, furthermore, she will have grown a bit further by the time you are done reading this.

Before she joined Fjord, Nora had been known as a freelance interaction designer (or “mercenary” interaction designer). Unsuccessful in her mercenary business due to constant conflict with her hippie self, she turned into a full-time designer. Years later she turned into a wolf and was thereafter known as vegan werewolf interaction designer.

How can Nora live through the oxymoron of being both a werewolf and a vegan is a secret only known to her and her Ninja sensei. Fjord has gained a top-level zen interaction designer that must be kept in chains during full-moon nights.



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