The way we were and the way we are (one)


Everyone and everything has a past, including Fjord Madrid studio. It was a car and bus garage back in the 30’s and six decades later, it was reconditioned and transformed into a contemporary art gallery that was running for over ten years until it turned into an art foundation. Fjord Madrid fell in love with the space left by the gallery and gave it a third life as our brand new, luminous and inspiring office. This is the story of how we made our new office home.

Late last year our land ladies, who are also current promoters of Open Studio, introduced us to the urban art group Boa Mistura. We were huge fans of their work and got talking to Boa Mistura about how they could personalize our incredible studio.

Boa Mistura kicked things off by painting our shutters with a portrait of renowned urban artist, Parsec. When our doors are closed, Parsec says hello to pedestrians walking by.


We loved it so much we invited Boa Mistura into the studio to paint an anamorphic version of We Are One, the motto that inspires the everyday life in all Fjord offices. The technique of anamorphosis is a distorted projection of an image that requires the viewer to stand in a specific vantage point to see the image correctly. The result is an incredible painting of We Are One that stands out as soon as you walk into the studio.

Here’s how the Boa Mistura looks in both abstract and correct forms:

we are one

And if the pictures aren’t enough here’s a video that captures Boa Mistura’s hard work creating the painting:

Big thanks to Boa Mistura for helping us preserve a bit of the artistic past of our studio. Along with the portraits of all “MAD-Fjordians” left by our beloved ex-Fjordian Erika Rossi as a parting gift. We breathe talent, creativity and freshness from the very moment we pass through the door everyday.


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