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Three Fjord projects shortlisted for the IxDA Awards 2017


We are very delighted to share that no less than three Fjord projects have been shortlisted for the prestigious Interaction Design Awards 2017.

In the category “Connecting”, which pays homage to projects that facilitate communication between people and communities, both our First Light project and our work with Lutheran Social Services of Illinois are shortlisted. In the category “Disrupting”, which celebrates services that re-imagines completely an existing product or service by creating new behaviours, usage and markets, our Fjord Fido project is shortlisted.


Learn more about each of the projects below, and find a full list of all shortlisted projects here.


Project First Light

Over the past few years one of Fjord’s founders, Mike Beeston, has been working hard in the most troubled region of Kivu in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Together with local people he has founded ‘Ensemble Pour La Difference’, a fantastic not-for-profit organisation that provides design and innovation mentorship, along with loans to small businesses that provide value to the community.

Fjord has been involved with Ensemble, most recently in one of their core initiatives called ‘First Light’. The aim of First Light is to help Congolese people build prosperous, sustainable businesses owned and run by local people – empowering Congolese people to own their own development and foster progress, peace and stability.


Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

In the United States, the effectiveness of social services like state-funded medical care, mental health services, housing support, and access to food is largely tied to a broader social service delivery system defined by government policy. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to institute policy in a way that serves the myriad needs of the people accessing these services. And social service agencies typically don’t have access to the innovations that make life easier through technology.

These are some of the challenges that Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI), the largest social service organization in the State of Illinois, faces daily. And so, Fjord teamed with LSSI to explore how technology could eliminate fragmentation and strengthen care coordination within the network that LSSI and 190 other Illinois social service organizations belong to. In this way, Fjord was able to bring design into a space, and to people, who generally aren’t its focus, putting service design and innovation at the heart of social services.



Fjord Fido

The Fjord Fido project started with a question: “with all the technology and data we have around us today, why is it still so hard to manage type 1 diabetes?” And the person asking the question was Jonas Höglund, our Service Design Director in Stockholm, whose son Max was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of five.

The project has had one key insight at its heart – managing diabetes is really about understanding and manipulating data. However, the products available to diabetes sufferers at the moment are only concerned with capturing one form of data – glucose levels at a particular moment in time. This makes the whole process very reactive – and stressful, if you discover levels are not where you expected.


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