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Trends 2017: the way we interact with business is changing yet again

These days, consumers want to communicate with each other via live stories and short, raw content – and it’s how they will increasingly want to communicate with brands.

Forget flashy billboards, intrusive direct marketing and repetitive TV commercials. Think online messaging platforms where broadcast messaging is replaced by chat. Reliance on technology to drive communications with consumers will increase. Yet, as AI becomes widely adopted, the need for human intervention is still required. Furthermore, the new technology will create new jobs, whether it’s bot designers, algorithm auditors, or customer fallback specialists.

Tanarra Schneider, Senior Director, Business Design, in Chicago, tells us more about this third and final meta trend from our 2017 Trends report.

The full Fjord Trends 2017 report contains more information. Please click here for full access.

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