Leonie Hesse

Trendy tribes at Fjord Berlin

By Leonie Hesse, Content Designer, Fjord Berlin.

Last week Fjord Berlin celebrated 10 years of Fjord Trends with 100 industry experts from a cross section of industries. Excited ears and eyes were on the Fjord Rockstars Yaprak Gültay and Christopher Böhnke, who presented what we believe will shape business, organisations and society in 2017, with a lot of entertainment and great enthusiasm.

At our deep dive Trends stations guests were invited to take a closer look at specific Fjord Trends and to discuss their companies’ most pressing and exciting questions with the Fjord experts: What’s hot in regards to autonomous driving? What’s to be expected after the end of traditional branding as we know it? What can organisations learn from shamanism? And why might your next best friend be a chatbot – not only smart but emotionally intelligent?

Bringing industry leaders together by building new ties beyond the exchange of business cards was a great experience for everyone. In an exotic setting they formed fun loving tribes, enjoyed drinks and discussions, and explored an inspiring variety of realities and futures.

Leonie Hesse

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