Wearable tech trends event hosted by Fjord Helsinki

Ksenia Avetisova

Accenture and Fjord recently co-hosted the Future Female meet-up in Helsinki, which delved into the topic of wearable technology. Future Female is a network of like-minded women, who are inspired by new ideas and the world of digital opportunities. Future Female is also a platform for women to mentor, share, learn, connect, contribute and enable the next generation of excellence via informal and interactive get-togethers, workshops and seminars.

The evening started with a welcome from Annikki Laine and Krista Järvinen, Co-Founders of the Future Female network, Satu Pulkkinen Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy & Accenture Women’s Network Lead, Hanna-Mari Parkkinen, Business Design Director of Fjord and Ksenia Avetisova, event organization lead.

As wearables were one of the hottest topics at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year,  it seemed a fitting topic for the event. With multiple startups disrupting the space with break-through innovation and major players coming up with devices as well, this is an exceptionally exciting space to explore.

Fjord and Accenture selected speakers who were best equipped with knowledge and experience to discuss this topic to the 100 attendees, at this sell-out event. Pekko Vehviläinen, Analytics Manager at Accenture Digital, opened the evening by giving a broad overview of the current wearable technology landscape, including outlining the challenges that arise with the quantified self.

Fjord’s, VP of Business Development, Jan Luukkonen presented the adidas miCoach SMART RUN watch. The UI design of this flagship device was completed from the Fjord Helsinki studio, in close collaboration with product designers at adidas. Jan eluded in his presentation that designing for wearables poses a new set of  design limitations, as the screen size is shrinking.

The final speaker of the evening CEO & Co-Founder of Koru, Christian Lindholm walked the audience through the design process of creating an operating system for wearable technology, which could run on multiple devices. The event ended with trying to solve the multi-million dollar question – what will be the next big thing in the wearable technology space?

Future Female network founders Annikki and KristaFuture Female network founders Annikki and Krista

Distinguished audience at Accenture Helsinki office Distinguished audience at Accenture Helsinki office

The event’s distinguished audience included ladies from Suunto, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, various design and technology related startups and established companies. A lot of questions were asked and interesting opinions were voiced during the discussion session, moderated by Fjord’s Hanna-Mari Parkkinen. It quickly became clear that wearables are not just affecting a niche group of tech-advanced forward-thinkers and that that they have the potential to play a global role in the lives of each and every one of us. The fact that not all questions can be answered at the moment makes the wearables industry such an exciting one.

If you are interested to join or contribute to future activities of Future Female network, please get in touch with with Ksenia Avetisova, UX and Interaction Designer at Fjord, who’s an active member of Future Female network.

Our brilliant speakers Pekko, Christian and Jan.Our brilliant speakers Pekko, Christian and Jan.

Ksenia Avetisova

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