Wearable Technology: Designing the Fashion of the Future

Emma Scott

With a projected value of $30-$50 billion for wearable technology, brands and retailers are strategizing their role in the wearable revolution. During this early phase of the consumerization of wearables, companies must resolve the delicate balance between function, technology, and design. To address these questions, Third Wave Fashion assembled a panel of industry thought leaders, including Fjord’s Vice President, Mahin Samadani, to discuss the key to being successful in the future of wearable technology.

The panel addressed questions around what it will take for success, manufacturing and hardware requirements, how to harness the data, and ramifications with privacy. Mahin called out “the elephant in the room” around accuracy of data and sensor quality, stating: “if that stuff doesn’t work, we’re just a few major flaws away from everyone saying, ‘forget about it.’ At least for a while.” He also touches on adoption and a lower price-point for wearables being the key to fast takeoff.

Read all of the insights from the discussion on Why This Way here.

Emma Scott

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