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Welcome to our newest Fjordians!

Please join us in welcoming John Grøtting, NurGul Karadeniz, Jean-Paul Haire, Claudia Niemeyer and Richard Wilshire to our family. Our newest talent brings us creative inspiration from around the world, and you can read about them here.

John Grøtting, Group Design Director, Fjord Berlin

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Image credit: André Wunstorf

John Grøtting grew up in Silicon Valley. He studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., where a professor encouraged him to learn programming skills and delve into human computer interaction. Before finishing his studies, he started a digital agency with fellow students, quickly winning contracts from Mercedes-Benz and Motorola.

As the computer industry evolved from CD-ROM and diskette-based projects to browser-based solutions in the 1990s, he went to work for legendary designer and author Clement Mok in San Francisco. He then served as a creative leader at Sapient, marchFIRST and top agencies in Germany. His passion for cooking drove him to start Caramelized, a platform for digital cookbooks.

John is looking forward to bringing the attitude of a lean startup to Fjord through focus on user research, driving rapid iteration on digital products and services that excite users.

NurGul Karadeniz, Service Design Director, Fjord Istanbul


Nur is a user-centred design specialist with a human-computer interaction background. She has worked as a product and UX designer at various agencies in London and lastly was the head of UX at Signal Noise.

After earning a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction Design at University College London, she continued working with her professors and participated in a long-term project that aimed to update the design curriculum for UK schools. As a result, the A-level design module includes user-centered design methodologies.

Nur has a special love for information architecture, interaction design, service design and user research, being particularly passionate about contextual design and designing for the next web. She has created award-winning products and services in digital news, interactive TV, financial services, health and e-commerce, and worked for companies such as the BBC, JP Morgan, HCBC, Investec, Ustwo and Microsoft.

Nur also loves to get involved with UX and service design communities, and regularly talks at international conferences and participates in design jams.

A frequent traveller, scuba diver and Neapolitan pizza lover, she enjoys spending her weekends exploring Istanbul and taking photos of street cats and historic houses.

Jean-Paul Haire, Group Design Director, Fjord Paris


Jean-Paul brings extensive agency and in-house design experience to Fjord Paris. Throughout his career, he has researched, defined and designed the human side of digital products and services for industries including automotive, luxury, financial, human resources, legal and internet technology.

He has worked as an information architect, product designer, art director, UX director, creative director for organisations such as BBDO, Organic, Frog Design, Sapient, Yahoo! and AOL. Most recently, Jean-Paul led a hands-on effort to create scalable design languages and systems for LexisNexis.

As VP and head of design at Deutsche Bank, Jean-Paul worked on FX trading platforms, connected alerts and cash-management tools. He also helped to develop the bank’s partnership with North Carolina State University’s School of Design and School of Engineering, where he co-led graduate-level, collaborative design studios.

With a Master in Industrial Design from the NC State design school and an undergraduate degree in French Literature, Jean-Paul still believes that the best education is the one we get outside of the classroom. He is known for his attention to detail, a keen ability to forge collaborative partnerships, and his love for simplicity and refined aesthetics.

Claudia Niemeyer, Group Design Director, Fjord Sao Paulo


Claudia has worked in strategy design and brand management at leading agencies in Brazil such as Tatil, Ana Couto, Pharus and Saatchi & Saatchi X, where her clients included Procter & Gamble, Vale, Eletrobras, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Total Information Management (TIM), British American Tobacco, Ambev, Brazilian Olympic Committee, Petrobras, MeadJohnson, Claro, Oi, ANP, Xerox and start-ups.

She graduated with a degree in industrial design in Rio de Janeiro. After earning her first MBA 10 years ago, she is now getting her Executive MBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. She learns from different cultures and perspectives while taking classes all over the world, from Berlin to New York to Shanghai.

Claudia is known for her global networking, as someone who searches for and shares inspiration while encouraging designers to create solutions that make contextual sense and meet people’s needs. She has visited more than 32 countries and is passionate about Berlin. She loves to be surrounded by people, practice radical sports and be in contact with nature.

Richard Wilshire, Principal Design Director, Fjord EALA Regional Team

Richard_Wilshire_Fjord EALA

As a creative leader with 20 years of digital experience, Richard is based in London and the newest member of the European leadership team. He has worked with many of the world’s leading brands across a range of industry sectors, from start-ups to multimillion pound e-commerce platforms.

During the last nine years he played a central role in the evolution of SapientNitro’s creative reputation and grew its experience studio to become one of the largest and most respected in the UK.

Richard has a special interest in all forms of digital interfaces and the interaction they create between brands and consumers. Throughout his career, he has worked with many technologies and navigated countless trends, but his personal design philosophy remains the same:

Making the complex appear simple and the intimidating seem easy.

Richard has joined our Design Strategy Group to help accelerate the definition and establishment of a leading design realisation offering and capability to not only keep up with client demands but also lead them in building digital products that inspire, inform and engage at scale.

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