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“We’re moving to a conversational singularity”, Mark Curtis at Meet the Media Guru

With the advancements in technology and mass-adoption of smartphones, voice conversations have given way to instant messaging, emojis, and gifs to deliver both information and emotion. Now, as voice-powered interfaces become more and more integrated into our services and the way we go about our daily lives, we’re on the brink of another shift in how we communicate.

“Conversations are the essence of our society. They represent the way we exchange ideas; it is through conversations we explore concepts, and define ourselves, our many roles, friendships and love.”

 Recently, Mark Curtis, Fjord Chief Client Officer and Co-Founder, took to the stage at Meet the Media Guru in Milan, Italy, to share his vision for where conversations are going next. Providing a brief history of conversation through the ages, Mark talks about the rise of chatbots and artificial intelligence, and how brands and organisations must adapt, now that conversations are the interface and personalities are the new user experience.

To help make sense of the current and future state of voice interfaces, we’ve compiled some of the most important things we’ve learned about voice UI. Check out our six principles for designing for voice UI.

(Photo: Meet the Media Guru)

Fjord Family

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