Why brands giving too much choice can be overwhelming

Bronwyn van der Merwe

AdNews: The evolving retail landscape has led to customers being constantly bombarded with choice, from supermarket shelves packed to the brim with products to a countless variety of online stores. And while being presented with a number of options is nice, too much choice can be overwhelming.

Increasingly, customers are finding it difficult to make sense of all the noise and this is something brands need to be aware of in order to capitalise on success and thrive in the digital world.

People who are confronted by an overabundance of choice are more likely to make poor decisions, be less satisfied and switch off entirely. The services that are able to anticipate customer needs by providing personalised messages, suggested options and automating low-maintenance decisions, will be the ones to cut through the crowded marketplace and leave a lasting impact on the customer.

Aldi, for instance, built a successful and disruptive business model that simultaneously offered significantly fewer choices than traditional supermarkets. Similarly, when Proctor & Gamble cut its Head & Shoulders line from 26 products to 15, the organisation saw a 10% increase in sales.

Brands looking to cut through the noise and rise above competitors need to consider removing the burden of ordering and explore innovative ways to limit the time their customers spend browsing. For example, digitally-powered box subscriptions remove the chore of choice for customers, offering curated surprises designed to suit customer needs. With these subscription services, customers are treated to the thrill of unboxing, advanced presentation and personal touches like handwritten notes, which all add to the digital experience. Digital subscription services such as these thrive amongst competitors, despite targeting some of the most crowded and confusing consumer marketplaces.

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Bronwyn van der Merwe

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