Why the Internet of Things is Just One Part of a Much Bigger Prize

Abbie Walsh

City A.M.:

By now you’re most likely familiar with the Internet of Things, the phrase often used to describe the growing network of once-inanimate objects that are becoming smart, Wi-Fi-connected devices.

Some are extremely innovative – a British inventor has just created smart wallpaper, which uses magnetic charges to flip ‘physical pixels’ in fabric, creating potentially huge digital displays.

Others, seem less promising (connected egg cartons, really?).

But the question that should be on everyone’s lips is how these devices will actually benefit business and society as a whole? The problem with the Internet of Things is it’s essentially a limited phrase for describing the digital transition we’re currently experiencing. The truly pioneering businesses are realising that the Internet of Things is, in fact, part of something much bigger.

Big data, smart mobile technology and connected devices will increasingly combine to allow businesses to create a new type of smart digital service, capable of constantly evolving and learning our individual preferences and environments, almost as if it’s alive. These ‘living services’ will be more contextualised and personalised than any we’ve experienced before.

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Abbie Walsh

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