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About the internship in London
We asked ourselves: what would the most powerful internship in the world of design and innovation look like? The result is what we believe to be the best framework to help you develop, and experience what it means to be a Fjordian. We would like to invite you to become part of it, and to work and play with us — As One.
How it works
The internship is three months long, in which time you’ll move through the phases at the pace that you feel comfortable with. You will have a personal mentor to help you navigate your path in the process.
Shadow and Learn
You’ll start by shadowing and learning from other Fjordians in your craft. This is to help you to get familiar with the studio, our processes and what it feels like to be a Fjordian.
A Live Role
Once you’ve settled in, you’ll become an integral part of a project team, taking more responsibility and ownership of the deliverables.
Time to Shine
You’ve proven yourself and become a key member of your team! Now it’s your time to shine, take on some challenges and show us your Fjord factor!
What it is
Opportunity to learn from the leading talent in the industry.
A paid internship scheme with exposure to client work and Accenture network.
Fun working environment with social events and free beer.
A personal mentorship scheme to help you find the role that fits you best within the design world.
What it isn’t
A cheap source of design work. You won’t be asked to make coffee or fix someone else’s PowerPoints.
There’s an opportunity for internship extension but please be aware that a successful internship doesn’t equal a permanent job.
Work experience. We actively encourage applications from all backgrounds, but would expect you to perform at post graduate degree level or similar.
Graduate programme.
Success Stories
Get the skinny on Nik’s awkward start – and how he found his Fjordian feet.
Hear about Lynn’s circuitous route into Fjord London, and get her tips for a successful internship.
Learn what Robin loved about his internship and get a glimpse of a Fjordian party…
What We're Looking For

We’re after the Fjord fit: you’re curious, self-motivated and believe in the power of team play. You have great interpersonal skills and value peer relationships over hierarchies. You’re passionate about the design craft and finding simplicity in a complex world.

Below, we’ve listed and described all the capabilities that we have in our London studio. They all overlap in our design process so you're likely to be a fit for more than just one. Rather than asking you to apply for a specific capability, we want to know what you're curious about!

Service Design
How can you connect with humans at a deep level and ensure their perspective is present in the design process? How can you tell stories about people and their behaviour, both verbally and visually? How can you generate empathy, emotion and engagement from the client and design team? Service Designers have a strong understanding of User Interface design and feel comfortable working in the Adobe Creative Suite.
Business Design
How can you rewire organisations with humans at the heart? How can you instil an innovative culture and turn ideas into viable business models? How can you communicate the value and impact of our design work? Business Designers are natural communicators with an analytical mind and a broad understanding of business – from strategy and innovation through to marketing, operations and finance. They bring business acumen to the design process by thinking like a designer but speaking the language of business.
Design Research
What is the difference between what people say and what they really mean? What can we learn from their behaviour? How can we use design to make people’s lives better? What’s the impact of our work on society? Design researchers are always looking for the "So what?" in design. They have strong analytical skills and experience in design research theories and methodologies.
Interaction Design
How can you design services that people will actually love to use? How can you simplify the user experience? How do individual touchpoints connect and work inside an ecosystem to deliver experiences that feel magical? Interaction designers are the biggest user advocates in the design process. They are comfortable expressing themselves visually, with an eye for granular detail and working with design software like Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch.
Visual Design
How can you use visuals to tell stories and bring our narrative to life? How can you visualise great ideas that engage and inspire people? What does designing great thinking look like? How can you design and deliver elegant simplicity? A single pixel out of place keeps our Visual Designers awake at night. They know how to work their magic in design software like Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch.
Data Design
How can you use data as a raw material in the creative process? How can you apply data layers in design to make services feel more personalised and meaningful in real time? How can quantitative analysis inform our thinking? Our Data Scientists are passionate about learning from data to tell real-world stories. They have strong analytical minds and are curious about the intersection of data and design.
Creative Technology
How can we bring our ideas to life through technology and product creation? How can we push the boundaries of what’s possible with emerging tech? What’s the relationship between digital and physical environments? Our Creative Technologists are relentlessly curious with a wide variety of skills in design and development tools for digital and/or physical product creation.
Content Design
How can you provoke an emotional response? How can you combine words, images, animations and videos to tell compelling stories? How can you deliver elegant simplicity in words? For our content designers, communication is their strongest skill and their greatest weapon. And they can spot a rogue apostrophe from a hundred paces.
Project Management
How can you empower people to be the best version of themselves? How can you destroy blockers to make things happen? How can you support a team to work and play together, and deliver their greatest work? Our Project Managers are self-motivated with excellent organisational and time-management skills – and meticulous attention to detail. They can work their magic in Microsoft Office and have exemplary verbal and written English communication skills.

When applying, please attach your CV and portfolio (if relevant). We are interested to hear the top three areas you're the most interested in exploring at Fjord and why, in order of preference. Please be sure to include your e-mail address and contact number.

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