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Formally Creative Technology Studio, Chaotic Moon, this diverse and divergent team of creatives have officially merged with Fjord with a continued laser-focus on designing, developing and delivering extraordinary digital products and unforgettable user experiences. Located smack in the middle of downtown Austin—the Music Capital of the World and the setting for annual innovation festival, South by Southwest—our two-story office not only kicks out technology of consequence for clients, but mind-blowing and headline-grabbing projects from Chaotic R&D, Fjord’s innovation hub where boundaries are pushed, rules are broken… and, yeah, things occasionally get blown up, but in a good way. 

We’re willing to take risks and create something bigger and better.
Michael Hall Group Director


319 Congress Ave,

TX 78701 Austin

Tel +1 512 420 8800

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Michael Hall

Group Director

+1 512 420 8800

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